Triratna Buddhist Community

One of Buddhism’s strengths is its ability to adapt to each new culture it encounters. Throughout history, it has evolved and taken many new forms in order to reach people of widely different backgrounds. At the same time, remarkably, it never loses touch with its essential truths.

Continuing in that tradition, the Triratna Buddhist Community aims to bring Buddhism to our contemporary western society. Founded in 1967 by an Englishman named Sangharakshita, the Triratna Buddhist Community expresses the central principles of Buddhism in ways that are relevant to men and women living in a modern world.

Commitment is primary, lifestyle is secondary

As Buddhists we express our commitment through our devotion to the Three Jewels: the Buddha, the Dharma (the teachings), and the Sangha (the spiritual community). In many traditions, the primary way to do this is to become a monk or a nun. We recognize that in our society, this is a choice that most can’t or aren’t willing to make for a whole variety of reasons. In the Triratna Buddhist Community, we believe it’s possible to express our commitment without making a radical departure from our modern lifestyles.

Practicing with the Boston Community

The Boston Triratna Buddhist Community is one of our many centers in North America and around the world. We offer informal classes on meditation and Buddhism, and hold weekly gatherings to explore what it means to practice Buddhism in a western context.

Retreats are also an important part of our practice. We encourage everyone to attend day, weekend, or week-long retreats at the Aryaloka Retreat Center in Newmarket NH.

Participating in activities with the Aryaloka community and the greater US and worldwide sangha offers many opportunites for further involvement.

About our name

“Triratna” (pronounced ‘tri-RUT-nuh’) means “Three Jewels”, i.e. the Buddha, the Dharma, and the Sangha. Our name reminds us of what is most important in the spiritual life, and what it is we are trying to help bring into the world.

More about the Triratna Buddhist Community

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